Eco-friendly Transportation

Low-emission busses in Colombia help combat climate change.

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As unglamorous as taking a bus may seem, the truth is that public transportation is the smartest mode of transport when it comes to helping the environment. TransMilenio, a line of low-emission busses in Bogotá, Colombia, has not only helped the flow of traffic and lower smog, but also has reduced green house gas-causing emissions. The busses, known as bus rapid transit (BRT), run like a subway with seven lines and enclosed stations, yet have the accessibility of being above-ground. Since its opening in 2001, TransMilenio has made it possible for the city to remove 7,000 private busses, thus reducing the use of bus fuel and its associated emissions by 59 percent. Developing cities such as Cape Town, Jakarta, Indonesia, and more are looking into adopting the BRT system to make improvements similar to TransMilenio’s. Now that’s smart travel.