Greenwashing Gets Big

What does “green” really mean?

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A certain peace of mind accompanies purchases when they’re labeled “green” or “eco-friendly.” Not only are you helping the economy, but also the environment and the health of your family. Unfortunately, recent research by TerraChoice reveals that of 4,000 consumer products, nearly every product was a victim of “greenwashing,” or the mislabeling of something as green when it really isn’t. Scot Case, a representative of TerraChoice, informed Congress that 98 percent of supposedly natural and eco-friendly products on the market have labeling that is misleading or false. Urvashi Rangan, a representative for Consumers Union, specifically pointed to “non-toxic,” “natural,” and “fragrance free” as meaningless claims, as they’ve never been defined by the federal government. As anonymous bloggers have shown us we cannot even trust vegan restaurants’ food to be completely vegan, the same goes for “green” products. To be fully eco-conscious, do a little research before shelling out your green.