Maguire Pushes Veg Options

Tobey Maguire writes a letter to Nancy Pelosi in favor of veg foods in school cafeterias.

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Tobey Maguire—the vegetarian actor of Spiderman fame—is doing much more than webbing from building to building these days. Taking a stand for public school students, Maguire sent a letter to US Representative Nancy Pelosi pushing lawmakers to re-evaluate the Child Nutrition Act standards. As the act already is to be re-authorized this fall, Maguire made a move at a smart time. In his letter, he notes that the government’s food programs distribute surplus beef to schools, which then end up with menu items such as beef nachos. In lieu of the unhealthy and unethical food options, Maguire suggests veggie burgers in their place. Helping kids eat healthfully and ethically is certainly a superhero effort.