Mills Buys Vegan Company

Heather Mills acquires a popular UK vegan-food company.

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Heather Mills seems to be unstoppable lately. Fresh from launching her vegan café, VBites, Mills has just acquired The Redwood Wholefood Company, based in the UK. Operating five food lines, Redwood Co. creates natural, GMO-free vegan deli meats, cheeses, sausages, fish-style alternatives, organic faux-meats and schnitzels, and even non-dairy fudge. Rod Garland, director of Redwood Co., says that Mills is going to help the company flourish globally, as she has a strong passion to promote veganism through her restaurants and brands. Having just won in the Best Meats category in the 2009 Vegan Environmental Awards, it’s no wonder Mills is calling her recent acquisition “a dream come true.”