Greenpeace Helps Sweden

The eco organization moves to help save sea habitats.

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The sea may not be as vibrant and jovial as Disney’s The Little Mermaid would have one believe, and Greenpeace is doing something about it. In an effort to halt bottom trawling, a practice in which metal chains are dragged across the ocean floor to collect deep-sea fish, Greenpeace dropped 180 enormous boulders into the German North Sea Monday, August 10. Each boulder, weighing between .5 to 3 tons, acts as a blockage to the practice that demolishes an area twice the size of the 48 bottom states combined each year. Additionally, up to 80 percent of what’s caught is unwanted, in poor condition, or dead; sadly, these catches are thrown back into the water. The giant boulders may help little fish swim a bit more freely.