Habitat Spreads the Green

Habitat for Humanity is now expanding its efforts to create green homes.

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As if building homes for those in need isn’t generous enough, Habitat for Humanity International is also focusing on treating the environment just as charitably. Teaming up with The Home Depot Foundation, Habitat will be building 5,000 homes over the next five years that meet Energy Star guidelines or other nationally recognized green building standards. The $30 million program, known as Partners in Sustainable Building, includes 120 Habitat affiliates in 45 states. With grants of either $3,000 or $5,000, depending on how well a prospective house meets green standards, affiliates will build homes that use up to 50 percent less energy than conventional homes, utilize high-efficiency plumbing that cuts one-third of water consumption, and emit 11 tons less carbon and green house gas emissions per household annually. That certainly sounds like home, sweet home.