Hunter Serves Vegan Dinner

A hunter prepares and shares a vegan meal with an animal-rights lobbyist.

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What happens when two opposite worlds, such as meat-eating hunters and vegans who advocate animal rights, meet for dinner? Perhaps surprisingly, stimulating conversation about meat consumption in America and the shared enjoyment of delicious vegan food. The Humane Society of the Unites States’ Chief Economist and Senior State Director Jennifer Fearing challenged anti-factory farming hunter, food writer, and blogger Hank Shaw to cook a “haute cuisine” vegan meal, to which he accepted and invited Fearing to join. Fearing, who was the campaign manager for the successful Proposition 2 in November 2008, and Shaw agreed on many things discussed over dinner: both detest factory farming, and both believe that Americans need to cut back on meat consumption for health and moral reasons. Conversation came easy as they devoured the exquisite seven-course meal Shaw prepared. Feasting on tomato salami antipasti, Andalucian gazpacho, and porcini with homemade barley tagliatelle, among other courses, there is no doubt this vegan dinner was fulfilling on many levels for both parties.