In-Vitro Meat

In-vitro meat may be healthier and better for the environment.


Within ten years, in-vitro meat could be a commercial possibility, and it would be healthier for people and the planet. Jason Matheny of research group New Harvest says that it would decrease the risk of diseases such as swine flu and mad cow disease, and that scientists could grow meat in sterile conditions in contrast to crowded factory farms. The meat’s fat content could be controlled as well, and the growing process would be an Earth-friendly alternative to factory farming, which contributes heavily to climate change. But one concern is that the public won’t be interested in in-vitro meat, believing that it isn’t “natural.” In response to these concerns, Matheny says that “raising 10,000 chickens indoors and pumping them full of drugs isn’t natural, either.” Not to mention that cramping chickens into tiny spaces for their short lives is completely unethical as well.

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