Interview with the Makers of the Blueprint Cleanse

Can’t cram a cleanse into your schedule? Take the guess work out of detoxing.

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As intimidating as cleanses can be, one company is doing everything it can so that all you have to do is drink. Blueprint Cleanse (BPC), based in New York, NY, allows you to order a nutritional juice cleanse for any number of days—depending on you and your willpower. The day you start your cleanse, fresh-pressed juices arrive at your doorstep, all numbered in the order in which to drink them. Our tester discovered that not only is the system easy to follow, but the juices are also downright delicious. Ending the day with a cashew-vanilla-cinnamon smoothie? Divine. VegNews chatted with BPC co-founders to get the nitty gritty on the cleansing company.

VegNews: How did Blueprint Cleanse all begin?
Zoe Sakoutis + Erica Huss: We created BPC for ourselves and the many like-minded people who live at a demanding pace, but are searching for a practical, accessible system of cleansing to help them maintain their health and balance.

VN: How is BPC different from other cleanses or detox programs?
ZS+EH: What’s different about BPC is that our juices and nut milks are made with 100-percent fresh fruits and vegetables and are never pasteurized. It is a nutritional cleanse. Most people have forgotten or never really known what fresh juice is. Flash pasteurized still means you’re cooking the juice, destroying the natural enzymes. We only deliver pure, unadulterated juice. We use a special hydraulic press that yields a far superior product than standard juicers, allowing live enzymes to stay intact for an extended period. Each day’s supply features six 16-ounce bottles of juice with flavors like pineapple-apple-mint and spicy lemonade.

VN: The cleanses cost $65 per day. Why should people choose BPC over cleansing on their own?
ZS+EH: It comes down to our mantra of “We Think. You Drink.” We didn’t just whip together some tasty juices and put them in bottles. They are specifically made with fruits and vegetables for maximum cleansing benefits, as well as aiding in the function of many of our other parts. Clients also find having the support of our team and guidance they receive to be instrumental in helping them get through their cleanse. While the cost might seem steep, if you tried to recreate this quality of juice at home, it would be a major investment in the hydraulic juicer for a start, not to mention the amount of time and money you’d have to spend to get the equivalent of 15 pounds of produce into each day’s worth of juice.

VN: How do you see customers utilizing the cleanses? Once in a blue moon or once a month?
ZS+EH: In a perfect world for most people we would recommend doing a cleanse once a month for at least three days. This allows your body the proper rest and recovery time it needs to maintain optimum health. We know that’s not doable for everyone, so we also recommend cleansing when you’re experiencing fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and of course, the always dreaded (yet loved) holiday indulging.