Meet More of the Animals of Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Meet the newest group of animals in our weekly summer series on heart-warming rescues.

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This week’s rescues hail from Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Stanwood, Wash., where they sunbathe (weather permitting) and enjoy peanut butter sandwiches. Here are four more reasons to always forgo the bacon and stick to yummy tempeh. And, as always, prepare yourself for the cuteness coma that will ensue after reading these stories.

Chester’s story: This not-so-little piggie (as you can see above: that’s him on the left with a baby Emma Sue) came to Pigs Peace from a life of confinement in a factory farm—he was to be slaughtered at five months of age. Though Chester is unable to walk due to a compressed spinal cord, this guy lives a full life at the sanctuary and is always super alert during mealtime. He puts his empty dish directly in front of his body as a reminder that it needs refilling!
Favorite Food: Bananas, pears, and watermelon all together for a sweetness overload.
Best buddies: Fern and Missy—they all cuddle up on cold nights on a big, bad bed of soft hay.
Favorite thing: New baby piglets. Chester’s a sucker for ’em, and he loves when they climb on him and snuggle next to him.

Curley’s story: This showbiz pig was lucky to have made it to Pig’s Peace to avoid the horrible fate of being slaughtered, as most piglets used for commercials are. Curley’s glad to be away from the cameras and at the spacious sanctuary, where he spends his days exploring the grounds and hanging out with visitors.
Favorite food: Heaps of peanuts still in the shell. Curley’s mouth turns into the peanut vacuum when he spots a pile of these tasty treats.
Best buddy: Big pig friend Albert. These guys like to roam together into the woods and graze in the meadow. They even sleep side-by-side every night.

Emma Sue
Emma Sue’s story: This little baby was born a runt with an umbilical hernia—she was dangerously close to death when she arrived at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. With a little TLC, Emma Sue was able to recover and thrive and is 100-percent grateful for her so-called “defective” body.
Best buddy: Pricilla the potbellied pig. These two fast friends have slept side-by-side every night since they first met.
Favorite food: Blackberries. Emma Sue loves to hunt for these prized berries when she roams in the woods at Pigs Peace.

Kado’s story: This curious and sweet pig was dumped at the side of a barren country road and left to fend for himself. Perhaps he had grown too big or wasn’t “cute enough”—either way, this domestic pig just wasn’t wanted anymore by his previous guardians, but Pigs Peace certainly welcomed him with open arms. Kado has to be the happiest pig at the sanctuary: Judy Woods reports that he is always full of joy and enthusiasm for life.
Favorite thing: Tummy rubs. Kado’s always on the prowl for a tummy rub—he runs up to greet visitors, then instantly flops down, rolls over for one, and smiles when hands rub his belly. And if he sees another pig being petted, watch out! He’s there right quick to get his fair share of the action.
Best Buddy: Kado is always seen palling around with Wilbur.

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