Meet the Animals of Animal Place Sanctuary

Meet the Animals of Animal Place Sanctuary

Beloved Animal Place sanctuary is relocating its California digs, so meet a few of its most recent rescues.

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Say hello to the recent rescues from Animal Place. These individuals share 60 acres (soon to be 600 acres after the move to Grass Valley) of forest, meadow, and hills in Vacaville, Calif., and each has his or her own interesting rescue story. This is our fifth featurette on recent rescues, and every week these featured animals prove that every life saved counts when it comes to living meat-free.

Freedom and Summer the Calves
Their story: These adorable Jersey male calves (pictured above) were rescued at an auction—no farmers would purchase these babies since Freedom has no tail and Summer was extremely malnourished. This is how they arrived at Animal Place and have since regained their strength to seek out and untie shoelaces and play with hair. Freedom is the brave one of the pair—he is always eager to greet visitors, while Summer often hides behind a staff member until he gathers the courage to be social.
Favorite food: Both Freedom and Summer love grain, though Freedom does like to sample any surface available to him, including wood and metal.
Best thing ever: Both are extremely playful and love to kick their heels high and frolic in the field.

Boris the Rabbit
Boris’ story: Boris was one of three individuals rescued from an overpopulated field of rabbits, and just in the nick of time—a school nearby wanted to poison them. This just happened to be the same school that started this population after a teacher let two rabbits into the field. Animal rescuers worked tirelessly for the chance to trap and spay or neuter the bunnies and place them into permanent homes. Though Boris is safe and sound now, he is still very shy around people and other rabbits.
Favorite food: Carrots and parsley.
Best thing ever: Head scratches, but Boris only accepts them on his terms!

Looloo the Hen
Looloo’s story: This fluffy little baby had the misfortune of being abandoned in a neighborhood full of feral cats. Poor Looloo was attacked but was saved by the feral cats’ caregivers, who rushed to her aid and nursed her back to health. They eventually contacted Animal Place, and the shelter welcomed her with open arms. Now healthy and happy, Looloo is still shy around other birds and darts in and out of the feeding area. The roosters have accepted and are very kind to her, and she is slowly growing more comfortable with her surroundings.
Favorite food: Grapes and some more grapes.
Best thing ever: People! Looloo loves to run up to visitors and sit on their laps—she also is very interested in watches and shoelaces.

Susie the Pig
Susie’s story: Kind and gentle Susie was used as a “production pig” for research with lung ventilation experiments. Pigs are often used in research because of the many physical similarities they share with humans. How did Susie get out of her horrible situation? The researcher actually had a change of heart and fell in love with her “subject” and felt obligated to save Susie’s life. Susie now roams Animal Place in search of back scratches and belly rubs.
Favorite food: Sweet cantaloupe.
Best thing ever: The legs of staff members—when utilized correctly, make great scratching posts.

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