Pork Sales Drop

The US’ fastest-growing export may face a huge drop in sales.

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With swine flu, E. coli, and poor health abound, it may come as no surprise that the US’ fastest-growing export is suffering. As the end of the year approaches, it is predicted that pork sales are to drop 33 percent from 44.65 cents a pound. If this happens, it will be the first annual decline in pork exports since 1990. Being blamed for an 11 percent drop is swine flu, and the general loss has farmers concerned with hog surplus. Livestock economist at the University of Missouri Glenn Grimes posits that pigs may cost 30 to 32 cents a pound in November because of undesired supply. Though this decline is bad news for the pork pushers, it’s definitely good news when it comes to reducing the amount of death and suffering that farmed pigs endure.