Prisoners Win Vegan Rights

Vegan prisoners in the UK will now be able to enjoy vegan loot.

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Gaining a right that not even all American school children have for cafeteria lunches, UK prisoners now have a right to vegan products. Thanks to a 15-year campaign by the Vegan Prisoners Support Group, prisoners will be able to order in vegan food and health products from Holland & Barrett and Honesty Cosmetics. Representatives of the Vegan Prisoners Support group wanted prisoners to be able to have soymilk, dairy-free yogurt, chocolate bars, soy-based protein, and vegan soap, shampoo, moisturizer, and toothpaste. To get the goods, all that prisoners have to do is place a mail-order request. It sounds like a fine way to repay a debt to society by not supporting unethical practices or adding to climate change.