Vegan Sun-Care Savvy

Vegan Sun-Care Savvy

Giver of life or skin damager? The sun has multiple-personality disorder, so protect yourself.

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Ah, the sun. Giver of light and life, yet dually the purveyor of entropy and damage when it comes to skin. Yes, our relationship with the sun—it’s complicated. And sure, it’s nice to soak up some warmth and rays, but moderation and protection is key, unless you want those unflattering clusters of pigment known as sunspots popping up or, worse-case scenario, the big C—cancer! And we can’t forget the best reason of all to wear sunblock: You just don’t want to look like a lobster (no offense to those awesome crustaceans, it’s just not a good look for us). Depending on your planned summer activities, you’ll need the right product for the job. Let’s survey the goods, shall we?

Since it’s summer, you want to splash around in the pool, then sun it up like a lazy desert lizard on a rock, skin-healthy hype be damned! We certainly can’t talk you out of basking in those rays, but we can suggest that you browse Jason’s Sunbrellas collection for some serious skin defense, and we’re talking their water-resistant, SPF 40 sunblock. That should shield you from the third degree. And if you’re not standing under Jason’s Sunbrella, you better butter your exposed epidermis with Age Reversal Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 from Dessert Essence Organics. After applying, shake your lotion-covered fist at the sky and shout, “take that, UVA and UVB rays!”

Now, let’s go with a planned hike or jog scenario. That shining mass of incandescent gas will certainly threaten to blister your sensitive nose or shoulders during these activities, and a little sweat might find its way into your eyes. Athletic outdoor enthusiasts should try Jason’s Active Block SPF 40—this sunblock offers full-spectrum skin protection. And if you expect to work up a heavy sweat, go with Sport Block SPF 30 Dry Finish from Nature’s Gate. Those harmful UVA rays will be shining on someone else’s parade.

Or perhaps you’re wrapped up in an air-conditioned cocoon from nine to five but still want the look of having enjoyed long summer days outdoors. There’s a sunless tanner for that. Get the glow pronto with Instant Sunless Tanner from Kiss My Face. Rub some mock melanin into your gams for a modest glow in minutes and a dark faux glow in four hours. Also, this sunless wonder allows you to see where it’s being applied so there will be no nasty streaks to foil your cover. You are good to go.

One more thing: Just because you’re stuck in that stuffy office all day doesn’t mean you should deny the sun defense—factor in the work commute and office windows, people. You’re better safe than sorry. Try Alba’s Fragrance-Free Sunscreen SPF 15 for everyday, grease- and fragrance-free sun care. It’s fast absorbing, which is great considering how crazy the rush to work can be most days.

Yes, the sun may be very warm and inviting, but be suspicious of its true nature and always wear sunblock!

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