Dunkin’ Donuts Debacle

Animal-rights group Compassion Over Killing exposes Dunkin’ Donuts’ egg supplier cruelty.

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Less than a month ago, animal-rights group Mercy For Animals released footage of inhumane conditions at egg hatchery Hy-line International. Yesterday, Compassion Over Killing (COK) published a video filmed at Michael Foods, a Dunkin’ Donuts egg supplier, during an undercover investigation in August. The graphic video documents the horrible conditions hens at the factory farm are subject to, including constrained confinement in wire battery cages. During routine checks, employees find scads of dead birds—some undetected for weeks and almost mummified—left rotting in cages with live, egg-producing hens. COK hopes that exposing these crimes will compel Dunkin’ Donuts to adopt more ethical standards.