Veganism on TV

A new HBO comedy starring Jason Schwartzman will showcase veganism.

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Actor (and proud vegan!) Jason Schwartzman has a history of playing offbeat characters onscreen, and his most recent turn in the HBO series Bored to Death is no exception. Schwartzman plays Jonathan Ames, a Brooklyn-dwelling writer whose life and career are at a standstill. Unable to overcome writer’s block and recently left alone by a break up, Ames decides to moonlight as an unlicensed, for-hire private detective, advertising for clients on Craigslist. In the fourth episode, Parker Posey plays a vegan who elicits Schwartzman’s services. In the episode Ames says, “You know, we really should all be vegan,” but admits that he has yet to take that step: “I’m kind of a non-practicing vegan.” Check out the premier of Bored to Death tomorrow night on HBO.