Vegan Cookies At Starbucks

Starbucks now sells vegan, allergen-free confections from Lucy’s Cookies in 6,000 stores nationwide.

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This week, Starbucks Coffee Company announced it is now selling allergen-free cookies in more than half of its locations nationwide. Three varieties of Lucy’s Cookies’ cruelty-free treats will be sold, including chocolate chip, cinnamon, and sugar cookies. Each variety comes prepackaged—eliminating cross-contamination risks—and is considered part of Starbucks’ line of “Grab-and-Go” snacks. Not only are Lucy’s Cookies allergen-free, but they are also certified vegan and gluten-free products. The Virginia-based cookie company, founded by Lucy Gibney, humbly began as a way to bake cookies for her son who has severe food allergies. To create Lucy’s Cookies, Gibney quit her job as an emergency-room doctor and dedicated herself to producing cookies that can be enjoyed by all.