Veggie Starter Kits

These guides to going vegan will ensure a happier and healthier new year.

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Veggie starter kits are valuable reading material for both curious omnivores and dedicated vegans alike. For some, they offer a plethora of new and life-changing information, and for others they present an opportunity to educate and inform friends and family. To hear first-hand accounts about going veg, consult VegNews’ Go-Veg Guide, which details how five editors came to adopt veganism—and also includes a host of classic VN recipes. If appealing to animal-rights and welfare issues is the biggest catalyst for going veg, download the starter kits published by Humane Society of the United States, PETA, Mercy for Animals, and Compassion Over Killing. However the decision comes about, it will lead to a happier and healthier 2010 for the animals, the environment, and you.