King of Currywurst

King of Currywurst will now be sold at Whole Foods in San Francisco.

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King of Cürrywurst, a vegan purveyor of the traditional German food, cürrywurst, is now available at Whole Foods in San Francisco. Cürrywurst is a post-war German dish that typically contains sliced sausage covered in a curry tomato sauce and served with a small bread roll, or a Brötchen. King of Currywurst, a San Francisco-based company, has veganized the meal, which is known to be wildly popular in Germany with as many as 800 million cürrywursts eaten each year. King of Cürrywurst will be available at both the Noe Valley and SOMA Whole Foods locations, with a tasting on Monday, November 1, from 2 to 5 PM.

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