Power Vegans in <i>Businessweek</i>

Power Vegans in Businessweek

Bloomburg Businessweek features “the rise of power vegans.”

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Bloomburg Businessweek published an article on November 4 called “The Rise of the Power Vegans.” The article features vegans such as Las Vegas entrepreneur Steve Wynn, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, and high-profile Americans such as Bill Clinton who are experimenting with a plant-based diet. US politician Dennis Kucinich addresses his veganism, saying “people weren’t sure if it was another political party or an ethnic party they’d never heard of,” but has since persuaded Representative Robert A. Brady to include plant-based options in the congressional cafeteria. The article suggests that powerful businesspeople are trying out veganism as a way to control their health, much like they control their business, but  specifies that some “power vegans” such as Stone went vegan after learning about the plight of animals.

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