Coffee Cola

Entertain your palette with this unique cola, infused with a tantalizing blend of spices and coffee for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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As spring weather sweeps the country, we’re torn between indulging in hot, comforting beverages and cool, refreshing drinks. Luckily, this year’s Expo West delivered a unique solution—Taylor’s Tonics. We flipped for this line of spiced colas, especially one that included a taste of our beloved coffee. The new Cola Azteca combines fair-trade coffee with classic cola taste. If that weren’t interesting enough for our taste buds, Taylor’s uses a blend of complementary spices for an unusual—but refreshing—twist on an old cola favorite. Hints of cocoa, cinnamon bark, cayenne, vanilla, and mocha come with every sip, subtly sweetened with evaporated cane juice. For an extra kick, the flavor rounds out with a bold coffee taste. Not a coffee fan? Try one of Taylor’s other spiced delights, including Chai Cola, Chai Cola Light, and Maté Mojito.