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Enjoy layers of classic sugar cookie dough and its chocolate counterpart in these aesthetically pleasing and taste-bud-teasing treats.

Serves: 5 to 6 dozen

Makes 5 to 6 dozen cookies

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Prepare cookie dough according to recipe instructions, cover, and chill 1 hour. Divide each dough in half. On a floured work surface, roll out half of the Sugar Cookie Dough and half of the Chocolate Dough to 10 x 7-inch rectangles. Place the Sugar Cookie rectangle on top of the Chocolate rectangle, then starting with the long side, roll up the dough tightly in a jelly-roll fashion to form a long log. Transfer the log to a large plate, repeat rolling procedure with the remaining cookie dough, cover the logs, and chill until firm.
  2. Cut each log into 1/4-inch thick slices, place the slices on ungreased cookie sheets, and bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned on the bottom. Allow to cool slightly before transferring the cookies to a rack to cool completely. As with other cookies, store in an air-tight container.

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