Affleck's Vegan Eatery

Affleck’s Vegan Eatery

Actor and longtime vegan Casey Affleck announces plans to open an all-vegan eatery in Los Angeles.

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Casey Affleck, a longtime vegan known for his roles in Gone Baby Gone and Ocean’s Eleven, has announced that he is currently in the process of opening a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. Affleck told the LA Times that an opening date has not been set for his meat-free eatery. The actor turned director is also shopping around his first documentary chronicling brother-in-law and fellow vegan Joaquin Phoenix’s switch from actor to bizarre rapper, titled I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix. Thought to be an elaborate hoax, the movie is said to be in final negotiations with Magnolia Pictures, and may be in theaters by fall.

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