Raw Chocolate

Take a bite and indulge in dark, decadent vegan chocolate—you won’t believe it’s raw.

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While Fearless Chocolate’s line of adorably packaged chocolates is so yummy it’s scary, there’s no need to fear. We’ve tasted each of the five bars available, and can’t find a frightful thing about them. Staff favorites include the Matcha Green Tea & Peppermynt and Exploding Coconuts flavors, though we might have to try them all again—just to be thorough in our research, of course. Don’t be alarmed when you remove these no-less-than-70-percent-cacao treats from their elephant-adorned wrappers. Yes, there’s a bite missing, but no, we’re not to blame. We swear that even though the all-organic bars are made here in San Francisco, we aren’t nibbling the goods before they hit the shelves!

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