Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

Give your daily sweet-tooth fix a gourmet upgrade with these delicious chocolate-dipped treats.

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At the VNHQ, we often joke about everything being better dipped in chocolate. For some things, it’s just true. Proof: Sjaak’s Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts. As decadent as they sound, these organic hazelnuts wrapped in smooth, vegan milk chocolate, complete with a powdered-sugar coating, take the chocolate-dipped affair to a gourmet level. Each bite-sized sweet is the perfect after-dinner dessert, but they taste great at other times, too. Be warned: These babies are totally addictive, and safeguarding your personal stash is essential to prevent a near-instant empty container. Whether you’re looking to indulge or need a crowd-pleasing confection, this stellar sweet gets our vote.

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