Denny’s Serves Veggie Burgers

Denny’s restaurants will now offer Amy’s meatless burgers.

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Denny’s restaurants throughout the US have added Amy’s Kitchen meatless burgers to their menus. The Amy’s Veggie Burger—touted as a “better for you” option—normally comes with Pepper Jack cheese, but the vegan patty can be requested without the dairy toppings. The Amy’s burger was added to menus in more than 1500 locations on August 24, and is replacing the chain’s former vegetarian patty. The burger will be available any time of the day at every Denny’s location in the US. “We value our strategic partnerships to give consumers what they want and expect from Denny’s: value and choice, in a welcoming environment,” Denny’s Product Marketing Manager Minh Huynh said. The white sesame seed burger buns at Denny’s are vegan. 

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