This Week’s Giveaway: Kid-Friendly Kit

Take the guesswork out of finding vegan, kid-friendly personal care products with these organic serums.

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From packing healthy, hearty vegan lunches to buying soft, organic clothes and bed spreads, mom’s know that everything in a child’s life must be two things: kid-safe and mother-approved. So, when it comes to bath time or play time, it’s important to choose clean, vegan personal care products to keep kids healthy and happy. When it’s time for kids to scrub-a-dub in the tub, the tear-free formula in Organic Baby Wash by Gourmet Body Treats will nourish sensitive and delicate skin, and the company’s patented Baby Oil is the perfect product for moisturizing with after bath time, bedtime, or whenever your tyke needs pampering. Pair these personal products with Marie Veronique Organics’ Kid-Safe Sunscreen to stave off sunburns during playtime. To win this must-have kit, simply tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite vegan meal to prepare for hungry junior herbivores?

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