Vegan Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Vegan Grocery Shopping on a Budget

VegNews shares ideas on shopping for healthy vegan food with the least impact on your pocketbook.

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In addition to following Savvy Abby’s money-saving tips about what to eat, where to shop, and how to fundraise, VegNews shares ideas on shopping for healthy vegan food with the least impact on your pocketbook.

Respect the Farmer
Buying fresh produce from a local farmers’ market is a great way to improve your community, health, and personal finances. Not only will you score delicious veggies at a fantastic price, you’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with the people who grow your food. At farmers’ markets you can find organic varieties of fruits and vegetables for far less than at the health food store. You will also be able to stay in touch with what is in season from month to month, and plan your meals accordingly.

Bulk Up
You know those big scary tubs of grains and dried fruits in the back of your health food store? They’re huge money savers. Without the pricey expense of fancy packaging, food suppliers can afford to cut you a break on bulk essentials. Turns out quinoa tastes even better when purchased at bargain prices, and you are also cutting down on waste due to excess packaging.

Love the Leftovers
Only finished half your meal? Don’t let all that extra grub get tossed. Help Mother Earth and your bank account by always bringing reusable take-out containers when dining out. Not eating your entire meal (as restaurant portions are often gargantuan) is guaranteed to keep you in better health and out of the poor house. 

Can the Man
Well maybe not the man, but at least the legumes. Purchasing canned beans (and some vegetables) is a delicious way to save a bundle. A can of black beans costs about a dollar and can supply enough protein for two meals. Just think: You can use all that money you’ll save opening cans on opening that delicious vegan bakery you’ve always dreamed of.

Keep an Open Mind
Instead of hitting the grocery store with a definitive list of must-haves, try shopping with a loose list and an open mind. Very often you’ll discover a slew of sales on products you’ve always wanted to try. Be creative and plan well, but don’t be afraid to deviate from your list for a good deal. You never know when you’ll find a new vegan product on sale that you had put off trying due to the cost!

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