Vegan Convenience Store

A store in Denton, Texas is selling 100–percent vegan goods from 100–percent vegan companies.


Vegan Freak, a 100-percent vegan specialty and convenience store, opened January 12 in the town of Denton, Texas, about an hour’s drive north of Dallas. Abbey Autry and Brendan Carroll opened Vegan Freak in order to provide their community with reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free products—what Autry calls “a truly guilt-free shopping experience.” Some of the store’s goods include cosmetics, cleaning products, snacks, sweets, and specialty vegan items—even faux-leather sports balls are available. Autry and Carroll have both been vegan for years—the store’s opening day was Autry’s 11-year anniversary with veganism.

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