Bakeries and Vegan Labels

Bakery owners discuss why they won’t label their products “vegan” in a Wall Street Journal article.

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An article published in Monday’s The Wall Street Journal examines the views of popular vegan bakery owners regarding customers reactions to products labeled as vegan, egg-free, or dairy-free. Erin McKenna, creator of BabyCakes, says that she didn’t put vegan signs up on her New York City store because she didn’t want to “repel anyone.” Creator of Ohio’s Pattycake Bakery Jennie Scheinbach says that after she removed the word vegan from her company’s name, her business grew. Conversely, other bakers like Danielle Konya, creator of Vegan Treats in PA, say that labeling products as vegan is important. In the article, Konya says, “If you’re not making people aware of food choices, you’re not going to change the world around you.”

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