Cinnamon Roll Bread

The sweet, familiar flavors of cinnamon rolls are revamped in loaf form to make the perfect morning snack for autumn.

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What could be more quintessential for fall than the warm, inviting tastes and aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin seeds? Even better, what if these flavors came in a cinnamon roll that was organic and vegan, had zero bake time, and was delivered in a revolutionary loaf form that can be sliced into miniature, spiraling bites of spicy sweetness? Dave’s Killer Bread presents Sin Dawg, the living (sort of) manifestation of these glorious attributes. This “sinnamon roll” earned “ooh”s and finger-licks of approval at the VNHQ with its nutty, whole-grain exterior and magical filling. Even better, its unintimidating list of healthful ingredients made us proud sinners instead of woeful, stomach-clutching sugar-mongers. This roll makes one nice slice. 

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