Lawsuit Against Pet Store

A lawsuit has been filed against Barkworks, claiming that the pet store chain misled customers about sourcing animals from puppy mills.

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Late last week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed suit against a Barkworks, claiming that the Southern California pet store chain misleads customers about sourcing animals from puppy mills. According to ALDF, information in the lawsuit alleges that Barkworks routinely disclosed inaccurate USDA breeder numbers in sales contracts with customers, making it impossible for them to track the “reputable breeders” Barkworks claims to get their animals from. Despite receiving warranties from the store that its animals are not ill and are fit for sale, individual plaintiffs also say that recently purchased puppies turned out to be extremely sick. ALDF’s Director of Litigation, Carter Dillard, says, “It is time for the court to intervene to stop Barkworks’ blatant and illegal deceptive practices.”

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