Nasoya Tofu Challenge

Nasoya is hosting a challenge to get the wackiest stories from people who’ve convinced meat-eaters to try tofu.

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Veg food company Nasoya is challenging people to convince their meat-loving friends to try tofu, via its Tofu U Open Enrollment Challenge. Nasoya wants participants to share the quirkiest ways they’ve convinced meat-lovers to eat tofu by posting a photo, video, or recipe on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win $1,000. “Tofu eaters can be pretty passionate about their soy, so we want to see the wackiest, funniest, and craziest things they’ve done to get others on the bandwagon,” Susan Rolnick, vice president of marketing at Nasoya, says in a press release. “For those in the know, tofu is an easy, versatile ingredient. Those who don’t eat it are usually afraid to try it, which is why we launched Tofu U Open Enrollment.”

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