Traffic Jam: The Week Ending October 28

This week, the VN editors give you the best of the internet—five links (and one tweet!) at a time.

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1. Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Time has you covered with some simple (and timely!) getups. Other staff favorites: Facebook (hot-glue a book to a headband, be hilarious) and Ceiling Fan (cheerleader outfit, pom poms, shirt that says “Go Ceilings!”)

2. “What’s Dutch Crunch?”—VN Editorial Assistant Joni Sweet; “It’s what you want.”—VN Office Manager Lyndsay Orwig, while discussing bread options at Ike’s Place in SF. The vegan-friendly sandwich shop gave away free grub, and, needless to say, we capitalized.

3. These radioactivity-detecting plates are awesome, but the photos make us happy we stick to veggie sushi.

4. The 16 recipes from this vegan Halloween candy roundup are spook-a-licious. Candy corn, Butterfingers, and Twix? We’ll take five dozen of each now. Great, thanks.

5. And for our Tweet of the Week, a blogger gives us the giggles over a reaction to Ozzy Osbourne’s vegan conversion: “green sabbath RT @VegNews: Congrats to new vegan, Ozzy Osbourne!”—@mmmaiko

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