Artist Talks Veganism in Hip Hop

In a recent interview, artist Justin Bua argues that veganism and hip-hop culture are deeply interconnected.

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In an interview with the San Francisco Bay Guardian last week, visual artist Justin Bua discusses the strong influence of veganism within the hip-hop community. Bua, who is a best-selling poster and commercial artist, cites veg rap figures like Russell Simmons, Dead Prez, KRS-One, Mr. Wiggles, and GZA of Wu Tang Clan in elucidating the growing movement of cruelty-free eating within the subculture, referring to the vegan lifestyle as “the ultimate expression of hip hop.” Bua also argues that hip-hop music has the power to change the world through veganism, a lifestyle which would serve as a rejection of big agribusiness and an enforcement of mutual respect among all creatures. The artist has started a cooking blog, We Be Vegan, with his girlfriend, Ruby, and is also interested in founding a hip-hop eco-festival, he tells the Guardian.

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