Ask Laura Saves Thanksgiving!

VN Editor-at-Large and advice guru Laura Hooper Beck is here to help with her Holiday Hotline.

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Dear Laura,
I am responsible for bringing dessert to my family’s Thanksgiving. What’s the one vegan dessert that will blow their minds?
—Baker in Baltimore 

A: Wow, perfect timing since I just sent out the VegWeb Thanksgiving Desserts Newsletter! And for the record, I didn’t rig this, I swear. OK, now that you’ve stopped accusing me of things I didn’t do, we can talk even more about scrumptious vegan desserts. It sounds like you’re going to be traveling to someone else’s house, so I’m thinking, ix-nay on the seven-layer cakes and ice cream sculptures. Let’s think classics, like pie. Oh funny, I have another newsletter for just pie!

I think, most importantly, you have to go with something that incorporates familiar holiday flavors and textures, like pumpkin and pecan. Also, a recipe that’s very similar to the original will also be helpful in showing that vegan food is real food. Seriously, this is a concept many people take an issue with. Make a classic, and make it well, and the result will be fewer people talking smack about vegan food for years to come. Thanksgiving, for reals!

What I would do is make a classic, like a fool-proof pumpkin pie (I’m a fan of this one. And this one!), and then if I wanted to branch out, try another, crazier dessert to bring in addition, like French Apple Tart, Apple Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts, Pumpkin Cheesecake With Pecan Crunch Topping, or Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf. OK, I just got officially excited for Thanksgiving.

Oh, and whatever you make, top it with coconut whipped cream or Healthy Top from MimicCreme (don’t let that insane name fool you, this stuff is amazing!), because everyone, yes, everyone, loves whipped cream, and these versions will change lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

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