Cancer Survivor’s Nutrition Site

Attributing a plant-based diet to her triumph over breast cancer, Lisa Grey has started a website sharing her healthful recipes.


Breast-cancer survivor Lisa Grey has launched a new website, Pink Kitchen, offering her nutritional advice and recipes, and sharing her belief that a plant-based diet helped her shrink her tumor and overcome her disease. After being diagnosed in 2007, Grey turned to a meat-free diet as a means of fighting her illness and found that her tumor shrank within just a few weeks. Nearly all of Grey’s healthful recipes on Pink Kitchen are vegan, including dishes such as Hazelnut and Fig Stuffing, Papaya Enchiladas with Lime, and Macadamia Lasagna. Grey’s new book, Pink Kitchen Soups, was released early last month; she has also compiled two other cookbooks of scone and pesto recipes.

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