Cowboys Fullback Goes Vegan

NFL Player Tony Fiammetta tells ESPN that he has transitioned to a vegan diet.


Dallas Cowboys fullback and former Carolina Panthers player Tony Fiammetta has revealed to ESPN that he has adopted a plant-based diet. Fiammetta transitioned to veganism over the summer after “reading some books” and changing his mind about his dietary habits. The 25-year-old football player, who is six feet tall and weighs 242 pounds, said that it took him about a week to acclimate to being meat- and dairy-free. Fiammetta tells the network, “I’ve actually felt better on the field and off the field, but it was an instant change [from] being a meat eater all the time to not eating it. I’d done it my whole life, and then to have it taken away that first week was hard. Now I’m fine.”

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