Herbal Kefir Water

Get pumped about probiotics with each sip of this effervescent, herbaceous tonic.


Has too much holiday feasting left you immobilized, clutching your abdomen and muttering epithets? Overindulged to the point of point of no return, with bellyaching beyond repair? The power of probiotics awaits to whisk you away from all of your digestive troubles. While many turn to yogurt for their fix of good bacteria, there are more refreshing options, such as Caveman Foods’ Water Kefir. With offbeat yet tempting flavors like saffron, vanilla, and black pepper, this fizzy fermented elixir is organic, raw, gluten-free, and dairy-free in addition to packing a probiotic punch. Avoid a heartburn hangover this year by swilling this totally unique tonic—you’ll be ready to pack away the leftovers in no time.

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