Vegan Margherita PizzaLG

Margherita Pizza

This basil-laced vegan pie makes us say “Mamma Mia!” with its tangy tomato sauce and crave-worthy crust.


Is it possible to ever tire of pizza? We would argue no, especially with dairy- and meat-free options ever-expanding. The frozen aisle is no walk of shame—bake-at-home pies pack flavor and texture that rival restaurant renditions. Amy’s Kitchen Vegan Margherita Pizza is the newest face in the icy window, and it put a smile on ours. With its fluffy crust, punchy sauce packed with basil and herbs, and welcoming sprinkle of Daiya mozzarella, one slice of this delish dish was not enough. And, with only about 10 minutes of bake time, the taste of Italy is only a daydream away.

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