Sunflower-Seed Milk

Bring a splash of sunshine to non-dairy milk with SoL’s tasty sunflower-seed beverage.


The most cheerful-looking of blossoms, sunflowers are named for their semblance to our closest star, the very celestial body that enables them to grow and us to work on our tans. While sunshine has been less plentiful in recent weeks, its namesake flowers are in bloom in a new form: non-dairy milk! When SoL’s “refreshing sunflower beverage” landed on our desks, we weren’t quite sure how the savory seed would hold up in drinkable form, but its subtly sweet, slightly toasty flavor won us over at first sip. As a bonus for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, it’s soy-, gluten-, and nut-free, and high in vitamin E to keep your skin glowing, plus its rich texture makes it perfect for adding to your oatmeal on chilly fall mornings. Shine on!

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