Vegan Bacon Chocolate Bar

The sizzle-free smoke of cruelty-free bacon boosts the smooth sweetness of dark chocolate to another level.


Remember the dark days when vegan products were uninventive, flavorless, and few and far between? Let’s never speak of that time again, for our options are now plentiful, scrumptious, and bordering on wacky in terms of creativity. Vegan pepperjack cheese? Strawberry-lemonade cookies? Been there, eaten those. But Rescue Chocolate’s Fakin’ Bacon bar was a novel newcomer, and we were interested in the pig-friendly rendition of the sweet ‘n’ savory artisan chocolates that we’ve seen around town. The terms “unique,” “interesting,” and “delish” were all muttered during our office taste test. Still feeling a little weird about the bacon factor? One hundred percent of net profits from the chocolate benefit animal-rescue groups, a touch that made this indulgence guilt-free in more ways than one.

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