Silverstone’s Hanukkah Recipes

Alicia Silverstone is featuring eight days of vegan Hanukkah recipes on her website The Kind Life.


In honor of Hanukkah, actress and vegan activist Alicia Silverstone is posting vegan recipes for eight traditional Hanukkah dishes on The Kind Life, her lifestyle website. On Tuesday, the first day of the Jewish holiday this year, Silverstone announced that she would be sharing her favorite relevant foods through December 28, the final day of the celebration. Recipes posted so far have included vegan challah bread, homemade applesauce, and potato latkes. In one of the blog posts, Silverstone reveals that she grew up attending Hebrew school three times a week. The Kind Life website is an online extension of the ideas and lifestyle outlined in Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet, which was released in 2009.

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