Vegan Supermarket Expands

Vegan Supermarket Expands

Germany’s vegan supermarket has announced plans to expand to all major German cities and Austria in 2012.

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Veganz, one of Europe’s only 100-percent vegan supermarkets, has just revealed plans to undergo a massive expansion in 2012. The first storefront opened in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood in August and owner Jan Bredack tells NPR that he will open a store in Berlin’s Friedrichshain borough later this year. Next year, Bredack says that they plan to expand to every major German city, as well as Vienna, Austria. Veganz boasts a massive cruelty-free selection of products from staples to gourmet treats. Product manager Lena Einecke tells NPR, “We don’t intend for Veganz to be a health food shop, but rather a general store where customers of all persuasions can shop.”

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