Vegan Weddings 2011 (Alicia Ojeda & Astrum Lux Lucis)

Meet Alicia and Astrum, one of 2011’s 10 fabulous wedding couples.

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Alicia Ojeda & Astrum Lux Lucis
Austin, Texas

Guests: 40
Location: Cottage on Lake Travis
Date: June 26, 2010
Cost: $10,000

Their story: Alicia and Astrum first met at a raw vegan potluck in Austin, but their romance truly sparked a year later at VegFest. Seeing each other again in a setting where Astrum was performing her music and Alicia was preparing raw food cuisine was the perfect way to get to know each other on a new level. Once they reconnected at the event, they didn’t stop talking the whole weekend, which continued long-distance in the next months through phone calls and emails when Astrum returned to her home in Austin and Alicia returned to San Francisco. Soon, it was evident that their love was here to stay and Astrum decided to surprise Alicia with a visit for her birthday in San Francisco. During the weekend, they took a day trip to nearby waterfalls and Astrum surprised Alicia once again, this time with a marriage proposal, which Alicia wholeheartedly accepted. Soon after, Alicia made the big move to Austin where they live in raw vegan bliss today.

The Menu

Jalapeños poppers filled with seasoned cashew cheese
Asian vegetable spring rolls with sweet and spicy tamarind dipping sauce

Zucchini pasta tossed with truffled macadamia Alfredo sauce and teardrop heirloom tomatoes, capers, and sun-dried olives
Herbed-crusted macadamia cheese
Spinach and basil-pesto stuffed mushrooms

Rocky road brownies
Chocolate cherry truffles
Key lime triangles
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Pure Food and Wine’s Tiramisu cake

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