New Lupin-Based Ice Cream

German chemists have perfected a new formula for protein-rich plant-based ice cream devoid of allergens and gluten.

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Sundae lovers with dietary restrictions will be pleased to find that German chemists have recently developed a new type of ice cream that contains no animal products, lactose, gluten, or cholesterol. Dairy free-ice creams may seem like nothing new, but what sets this guilt-free treat apart is that it is derived from the seeds of blue sweet lupin, a plant indigenous to Germany sometimes known as the “soybean of the North” that contains valuable proteins and regulates cholesterol. The product recently hit European shelves under the brand Lupinesse, and flavors include Vanilla-Cherry, Strawberry-Mousse, Walnut Dream, and Choco-Flakes. Now all we need is a taste test.

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