Offensive Milk Ads Parodied

Mercy For Animals has launched a parody campaign in response to the California Milk Processor Board’s recent controversial ads.

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Earlier this month, the California Milk Processor Board pulled ads that many found offensive for their less-than-favorable depiction of women with PMS, and now Mercy For Animals (MFA) has appropriated imagery from the unpopular campaign to evoke a very different message. The original ads featured men—presumably husbands or boyfriends—eagerly wielding armloads of milk cartons under the premise that dairy products ease symptoms of PMS. MFA’s campaign features women holding blood-spattered milk cartons and responding with slogans such as, “PMS! No, I’m livid with the milk industry for abusing and killing cows.” The California Milk Processor Board issued an apology two weeks after its ads appeared due to strong criticism that the ads were sexist.

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