Bikers Fight Animal Cruelty

A Baltimore motorcycle club is teaming up with an animal advocacy organization for a ride against animal cruelty.


Tomorrow, Baltimore-based Peacekeepers Motorcycle Club is partnering with the city’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission for a city-wide ride raising awareness and rallying against animal cruelty. The 41-mile, police-escorted “peace ride” will culminate in a gathering where guests can experience live music, food, an appearance from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and information about combating animal abuse and dogfighting. The motorcycle group is primarily comprised of military veterans and law enforcement officers, and often participates in events for charitable social-justice causes. The Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission was founded in 2009 after a heinous case of animal cruelty, wherein a dog was lit on fire, made headlines in the Maryland city. 

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