New Veg Video Series

Dr. Michael Greger will post a new video every day on to provide nutritional information about plant-based diets, starting next week.

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The website Nutrition Facts is debuting a new video series to promote the benefits of plant-based diets this Monday. Michael Greger, MD, director of the Public Health and Animal Agriculture program of the Humane Society of the United States, will post a new video each day, seven days per week, for a minimum of one year. The non-commercial, science-based nutrition site promotes veg diets as the way to a healthy life, making scientific journals and research on the topic more comprehensible for the average user. The site has already posted videos on topics such as the health benefits of goji berries and dates, the healthiest vegetables, vitamin D pills versus tanning beds, and crop nutrient decline, and Dr. Greger plans to post additional topics from his Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVDs.  

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