Toronto’s Veg Comfort Food

Toronto’s Bloorcourt is now home to The Hogtown Vegan, where comfort food gets a plant-based spin.

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Toronto vegan takeout spot Hot Beans, known for its small but satisfying burrito-and-doughnut menu, has expanded to a larger space in the form of The Hogtown Vegan, a comfort-food eatery that makes the classics but takes out the meat and dairy. Menu items include chipotle mac-n-cheese, barbecue shredded jackfruit pulled pork, and unchicken and waffles. On the restaurant’s concept, co-owner Madeleine Foote says, “The idea is that vegans like to eat junk food and comfort food just like everybody else … When you open a vegan restaurant you’re not doing it for money. You’re doing it because you have a philosophy and you think that the food should be out there.”

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